Frequently asked questions

Do you play with money?

No. Playfulbet is a free game.

Why can't I play with money?

Playfulbet is not a betting house, it's a social game of sporting predictions with coins that do not have any monetary value.

I don't have any coins. How do I get more?

If you happen to lose all your coins, you will automatically be reloaded 4.000 Coins every 8 hours. If you don't want to wait that long, you can always get more by doing any of our promotions or shorten the waiting time by watching videos.

Which prizes can I win?

Many and you can check them here . Also, we continue to broaden our list of prizes with what we like the most and we think it might interest you.

-How do I win prizes?

You need to get to the required quantity of coins that is shown in the list of prizes.

How do I start?

Very simple.Choose a sport and a competition. Then a game. Forecast the winner or if they will tie. When the game is played you will receive the coins if you win your bet.When you make your bet, the amount of coins you play will be deducted and if you win you will recover those coins and also win more coins depending on the odds your team had.

What are the odds?

It's the value by which the amount of coins you bet will be multiplied by.An example: if you played 100 coins with odds of 2.5, you will win 250 coins.

I want more coins. How do I get them?

The coins are usually won by getting your bets right, but there are other ways to win coins, like being in certain positions in the rankings and accessing the section + coins! of the header where participating in other websites will give you more coins.

Do coins expire?

No. You will always have your coins.

Can I buy more coins?

The coins can't be bought, but you can obtain them through promotions.

One of my bets is right but I still didn't get the coins. Why?

The coins are given in the next 24 hours after the end of the game. Be patient, and if you see that it takes too long, get in contact with us.

How do I win the medals?

Doing things like singing up, winning X games… although they are rarer, can still give you coins!

Do you always have the same prizes?

No, we are always adding new ones.

I already have enough coins and I want a prize. Now what?

You will see on the prize you want the "Order now" button. Click on it and follow the steps indicated. You will receive your prize at home with no additional cost or transportation cost.