- Do you play with money?

No. Playfulbet is a free game.

- Why can't I play with money?

Playfulbet is not a bookmaker, it's a social game of sporting predictions with coins that do not have any monetary value.

I don't have any coins. How do I get more?

When you lose your coins, they will be reloaded automatically to 4000 every 6 hours. If you don't want to wait so long, you always can get them thanks to our promotions.

What presents can I win?

Lots of and you can check them here . Our prizes list is always increasing!

- How do I win the prizes?

You need to get to the required quantity of coins that is shown in the prizes list.

- How do I start?

Very simple.Choose a sport and a competition. Then a match. And decide which will be the outcome. When the game is played, you will get the coins if you were right.When you make your bet, the bet quantity will be discounted from your total coins. If you win, you will recover them plus your benefits.

- What are the odds?

It's the value by which will be multiplied your bet coins.An example: if you played 100 coins with odds of 2.5, you will win 250 coins.

- I will win more coins. How do I get them?

The coins usually are won by getting right your bets, but there are other way to win coins. Some of them are the challenges or our promotions

- Do coins expire?

No. You will also have your coins.

- Can I buy more coins?

The coins can't be bought, but you can obtain them through promotions.

- One of my bets is right but I still didn't get the coins. Why?

The coins are given in the next 24 hours after the end of the match. Be patient, and if you see that it takes too long, get in contact with us.

- How do I win the achievements?

Doing things like winning X matches, make some challenges... there are even some that give coins!

- Do you always have the same prizes?

No, we are always adding new ones.

- I already have enough coins and I want a prize. What do I do now?

Send an e-mail to soporte@playfulbet.com telling us which prize do you want. Remember that your coins will go to zero, even if you have more than the needed quantity for the prize.