A player retires or gets disqualified once the match has started

In this case, and given that another player has been declared winner, the bet will be resolved normally.


It's quite usual in tennis, and happens when a player retires just before starting the match. In this case, the other player is declared winner and all the bets are canceled.

A game is delayed

If a delayed match is not resolved in 24 hours, all the bets will be canceled.

Matches under suspicion of cheating

Playfulbet has the right of canceling all the bets.

Regulation time

If the draw option is present, the bets are based on the result in the final result after the end of the regulation time. Overtime or penalties are not included.


Any user that has enough coins to get a prize can fill the form on the prize page. Once the prize has been sent, the coins of the user will be reduced to zero.

Betting by event

There is a limit of 3 bets per event. If you can make a commitment to accurate result may perform other 3 bets more.

Playfulbet has the right of modifying and adding rules in any moment.