Terms and Conditions

The present conditions regulate the access and usage of the website playfulbet.com (further noted as, the Web) ownership of Playful Gaming, S.L. (further noted as, Playfulbet) as well as the content and promotions that the Web makes available for its registered Users (further noted as, Users or User).

The access and the use of this Web imply the knowledge and the acceptance of the following Terms of Use:

Web's objective

Playfulbet provides many services to its Users on the Internet. One of these services is the sale of gift items like collectibles, toys, and clothing. Playfulbet is also a social community of fictional sporting bets designed for its Users to compete in their favorite sports. The Web Users win points called Coins that they will eventually be redeemed for prizes and vouchers at Playfulbet's Shop.

Access and Registration

Playfulbet Users must be older than 14 years old and must truthfully fill out the required fields in the registration form, in which personal data is requested. Playfulbet can contact any user to confirm his real age by asking for an ID. The User can register using his Facebook or Twitter account by authorizing Playfulbet to use the data in such account necessary during the process.

Playfulbet provides a username to each User that corresponds to the email address used to register, and a password. The username and password are strictly personal and confidential. The User compromises not to give them out or make it accessible to a third party. The User is solely responsible if third parties use this data or if any other action is carried out by using his Username and password.

Only one User can be the account holder, Playfulbet reserves the right to prevent the use of the Web to any User that violates this prohibition.


The User, once registered at Playfulbet, will receive a minimum balance of points (further noted as, Coins). With these Coins the User can begin playing. When the User makes a bet, the Coins played are discounted from his account. If the user wins, these Coins are put back into the account plus the new Coins, depending on the odds. The odds are a value by which the Coins played are multiplied if there is a win. As you accumulate Coins the User will be able to choose one of the indicated prizes in the Web.

The Coins can only be used at Playfulbet according to the present Terms of Use. The Coins have a unique nature and are exclusively promotional, in no case will they be redeemed for money and they do not have any monetary value. Also, they are not a transferable security, nor a right for credit or any right that allows for it to be redeemed for money or any asset other than the prizes available on the Web. The Coins do not expire, they are personal and non transferable. The User may not assign, convey, transfer, encumber in any way his Coins, either free or onerous, in whole or in particular by direct or indirect means. The Coins cannot in any case be transferred between accounts, even if the User holds both.

The User can increase his Coins balance through promotions that Playfulbet makes available and informs its Users through the Web, for example, by inviting new users, doing advertising or promotional activities from Playfulbet’s collaborating entities, registering in other collaborators’ webs or participating in them, etc. These actions and additional means to increase the User's Coins balance are guided by the specific conditions of the promotion and are expressly indicated in the Web at all times.

Playfulbet reserves the right to modify the Coins balance or block the User's account if there is evidence of misuse and/or illegal conduct to obtain Coins or prizes through second accounts for the benefit of a main account. Any use of the Web or the Coins contrary to any of the present Terms of Use of Service, the Legal Notice or as specified in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) will be considered a misuse and, in consequence, will be a breach of contract by the User.

In these cases, Playfulbet reserves the right to eliminate, cancel, withdraw, suspend or block, immediately and without notice, the User's Account and may also decide not to redeem his Coins. Similarly, in these cases, Playfulbet reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel any reservation or exchange made on behalf of the user, as well as cancel the Coins that remain in the account or that he has been granted.

Bets on Events, Pools and Draws

In each event the User can predict the winner, loser, or a tie. Playfulbet will inform the Users, before each event, the gain and loss of Coins according to the result selected.

In each Pool the User can predict the winner of multiple events. The User can select 1 for the local team, x for a tie or 2 for the visitor. Playfulbet will inform the Users, before each event, the gain and loss of Coins according to the bet made in the Pool.

In each Draw, the User can predict the exact result of an event. Playfulbet will inform the User, before each event, the gain and loss of Coins if the prediction is correct or not. The jackpot is divided among the Users with a bet on the same successful outcome.


Users may unsubscribe Playfulbet by contacting soporte@playfulbet.com and indicating that they would like to unsubscribe. In this case the user will lose all accumulated Coins. The Coins balance will be cancelled if the User decides to unsubscribe from the Web.

User’s Obligations

The User is completely responsible for the access and correct use of his profile and other content on the Web subject to the current law, whether it is national or international, as well as the principles of good faith, morality, good customs and public order. And specifically, acquires the compromise to observe diligently the present conditions and terms of use.

The Users will refrain from using their profile and other Web content with illegal purposes and that harm the rights and interests of others, or in any way damage, disable, affect or impair the Web, its content and services. It is also prohibited to prevent the normal use or enjoyment of the Web to other Users.

Do not personalize the user profile with images that are racist, xenophobic, obscene, pornographic, abusive, defamatory, misleading, fraudulent or contrary to morality or public order.

Playfulbet cannot be held as the responsible publisher, and expressly declares that it does not identify with any opinions that may be made by the Web User, who consequently is entirely responsible.

Those who violate such obligations shall be liable for any injustice or damage they cause. Playfulbet is not responsible for any consequence, damage or injustice arising from such access or illicit use by third parties.

In general, the User agrees, including but not limited to, the following:

• Not to use the Web for illegal or unauthorized purposes;
• Not to disclose, publish, distribute or share images or photographs that include a third party’s image and personal data without obtaining consent from the owners;
• Not to publish in the chat any comment or information that is illegal, racist, xenophobic, obscene, pornographic, abusive, defamatory, misleading, fraudulent or otherwise contrary to morality or public order;
• Not to alter or modify, total or partially, the Web, avoiding, deactivating or manipulating it’s functions or services;
• Not to infringe intellectual and industrial property rights or the regulatory rules of the protection of personal data;
• Not to use the Web to injure, defame, intimidate, harass, or violate the image of other Users;
• Not to access the email account of other users;
• Not to introduce or benefit from viruses, corrupted files, scripts, bots, or any other computer program that can cause damage or alterations to Playfulbet or a third party’s system or content;
• Not to send emails with massive and/or repetitive characters to large amounts of people, or send a third party’s email address without his consent.

Each account is valid for only one user; it is unique and non-transferable. Any account that is shared will be considered fraudulent.

Any User can report another User when believed to have breached the present terms and conditions of use, as well as all Users can inform Playfulbet of any abuse or violation of the present conditions by sending an email to soporte@playfulbet.com. Playfulbet will check this report as soon as possible and take necessary measures.

Playfulbet’s responsibility for the operation of the Web

The User is responsible for having the services and equipment necessary to navigate the Internet and to access Playfulbet’s Web. In the event of any incident or difficulty to access www.playfulbet.com the User can report to Playfulbet by sending an email to soporte@playfulbet.com, who will proceed to analyze the incidence and will give instructions to the User on how to resolve it as soon as possible.

Playfulbet will not respond in case of service interruptions, connection errors, unavailability or deficiencies in the Internet access service or interruptions of the Internet or any other reason beyond Playfulbet’s control.

Playfulbet provides its services and content on an ongoing basis using all technical means available to make it adequate.

Playfulbet may, when considered convenient, make corrections, improvements or modifications to the information contained in the Web, services, or content………., nor entitled to any claim or compensation, or imply recognition of any liability.

Playfulbet is not responsible for the damages and prejudice of any nature that may arise from the knowledge that unauthorized third parties may gain of the users’ personal data and their use of data through the Web.

Responsibility for the content provided by Playfulbet to its Users through the Web

The moment Playfulbet becomes aware that any of the content, files, information, advertising, opinions, concepts, or images on the Web are contrary to the law, morals, good faith and public order, or that they contain any type of computer virus or similar software routine, it will proceed to remove it.

Playfulbet disclaims any responsibility for the damages and prejudice of all nature that may arise from the acquisition and use by third party contributors of content, files, information, advertising, opinions, concepts and images provided by users to the Web.

In any case, Playfulbet is not responsible for the content, files, information, advertising, opinions, concepts and images that do not depend on the Web, or are managed by Playfulbet.

Playfulbet is not responsible for the misuse of the content of the Web, being the sole responsibility of the person accessing or using them.

The User agrees to use the Web and its services in accordance to the law, morality and generally accepted good customs and public order.

Responsibility for the content in the website accessible from the Web.

Playfulbet does not assume any responsibility for the linked content (Links) in which, through the Web, the User can access benefits and services offered by third parties. Therefore, Playfulbet is not responsible for the information contained therein or any effects that may result from such information. If any User or third party notices that such links may be contrary to the law, morals or public order, he must let Playfulbet know by sending an email to soporte@playfulbet.com.

Playfulbet does not assume any responsibility for the services and content that is offered by third parties.

Playfulbet is not responsible for the editing, reviewing, censoring and verification of the content, files, information, advertising, opinions, concepts, and images of the pages or websites in which the User is connected via hyperlinks included in the Web.

Playfulbet is not responsible for any of the content, files, information, advertising, concepts, and images that are issued, published or distributed directly or indirectly through the Web, any interconnected website that is accessed through the Web through links, or any other service that is linked or related to this interconnected web.

Similarly, Playfulbet excludes its responsibility for the goods, products, or services that can be acquired or contracted through third parties by accessing the Web, specially in cases where the buying process or hiring is done directly in the third party’s website, even if they appear different or as a “frame” with the graphic elements of the website (Branding).

Access Limitation

Playfulbet may refuse access to the section of Web Users if there are doubts or suspicions about a User, in relation to the accuracy of the information provided or his behavior.

Playfulbet reserves the right to exclude, temporarily or permanently, Users from using the Web that are suspected from using multiple accounts or whatever other type of action considered fraudulent.

Playfulbet reserves the right to take all actions to legally represent any violation that a user may commit.

Updating and Changing the Web

Playfulbet can modify the present Terms of Use at any time by email or by publishing the modified terms on the Web. All modified terms will automatically be effective upon publication.

Playfulbet reserves the right to make, at any time and without notice, upgrades, modifications, or deletion of information in its website, in it’s configuration and presentation and access conditions, without assuming responsibility for it.

Playfulbet does not guarantee the absence of interruptions or errors in accessing the Web and its content, or that it will always be updated. Playfulbet will, however, aim all efforts, provided that nothing makes it impossible or difficult to execute, to, as soon as it becomes aware of the errors, disconnections or lack of updated content, correct errors, restore communication and update content.

Intellectual Property

Playfulbet owns of all the industrial and intellectual property rights included in the Web and also of the content accessible through it.

The intellectual property rights in this website, as well as: texts, images, graphic design, navigation structure, information and content included in it are owned by Playfulbet, who has the exclusive rights to exploit it in any form and, specially, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, in accordance with the Spanish legislation of industrial and intellectual property rights.

User authorization for access to the Web does not imply a waiver, transmission, license or assignment of total or partial industrial or intellectual property rights by Playfulbet.

It is not permitted to remove, ignore or manipulate in any way the content of Playfulbet’s Web. It is also forbidden to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate, make second or subsequent publications, upload files, send emails, transmit, use, process or distribute in any form the total or partial content included in the Web, for public or commercial purposes, without an express or written authorization from Playfulbet or, if appropriate, the owner of the rights.

It is specially prohibited the use of any technical, logical or technological resources where a third party can benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, from the Web’s content.

Comments in the Chat

Playfulbet offers to its Users the possibility to make comments in the chat area. The User, indicated as the author of the comment, is solely responsible for his comment. The User’s comments do not reflect Playfulbet’s opinion.

Playfulbet is not responsible for the errors, inaccuracies or irregularities that may contain in the User’s comments, or of the damages or prejudice that could be caused by the User’s comments.

The User agrees to use the website in a proper and responsible way, therefore, he must respect the present conditions and legislation. Without limitation, the User must agree to:

• Not introduce or spread content or advertising that is racist, xenophobic, pornographic, advocates terrorism or that violates human rights;
• Not introduce or spread harmful software in the website that can cause damages to computer systems used by Playfulbet, its suppliers or the website Users;
• Not spread, convey or make available to third parties any type of information, element or content that constitutes as unlawful or unfair advertising;
• Not introduce or spread any information and content that is false, ambiguous, or inaccurate misleading the recipients of information;
• Not spread, convey, or make available to third parties any type of information, element, or content that can violate the secrecy of communication and legislation of personal data.

Playfulbet is not responsible for the information published by the User while not being aware that this information is unlawful or harms property or a third party’s rights. Once Playfulbet is aware of this information, it compromises to act with diligence to remove it or make it impossible to access it.

Data Protection

In accordance with Article 5 of Law 15/1999, of December 13th, Protection of Personal Data, it informs all Users that personal data provided through the registration form will be processed by Playfulbet and will become part of the files owned by Playfulbet, being the responsible for the file Playful Gaming, S.L., properly registered in the General Register of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, in order to respond to inquires, manage services or send information about the new services and promotions through the Newsletter, provided that the User has not objected to such use.

Playfulbet has taken the necessary measures to maintain the level of security required, according to the nature of the personal data and circumstances, in order to avoid, as much as possible and always according to the best measures, alteration, loss, or unauthorized access.

The personal data will not be given to third parties without authorization from the owner of the data.

The User may exercise his right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in compliance with the provision of Law 15/1999, of December 13th, Protection of Personal Data, taking into account that the exercise is very personal, so documentation will be required to certify identity. The exercise of these rights must be in writing, signed by the owner of the data, indicating his address, attaching a copy of their National Identity Document or other supporting document, and addressing Playfulbet to the following address:

Playful Gaming, S.L.
C/Àlaba 61 5º 2ª 08005 Barcelona (Spain)


The User will be able to invite other people to join Playfulbet through the Web. The User can do so by sending an email to as many people as he wants. The person that receives the invitation and wants to be a part of Playfulbet must follow the steps shown in the Web to register.

Playfulbet will not share the information in the invitation, especially those relating to the email account of the person being invited.

Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

The present Conditions will be governed and interpreted according to the Spanish law; and any dispute shall be submitted to the Courts of Barcelona.