Daily bonus

How does the daily bonus work?

The Daily Bonus is a prize that we give out regularly to the users. You can receive one per calendar day and the quantity is 100 Coins per consecutive day that you visit the platform until a max of 5 days (500 Coins). After the fifth day, the quantity is constant as long as you maintain the streak of consecutive days.

Starting at certain levels, this quantity is increased. There are two "milestones" of this kind:
Starting at level 10, the quantity is multiplied by 2
Starting at level 18, the quantity is multiplied by 3.

What is the daily permanent bonus?

Once you've reached level 30 the streak of consecutive days has a grace period (10 days) in which you will maintain the streak even though you can't visit us. As you see, its not 100% "permanent", but its close to it. :)

1 día100200300
2 días200400600
3 días300600900
4 días4008001200
5 días50010001500