Privacy Policy

WEB PRIVACY POLICYConfidentiality and safety are fundamental values for PLAYFUL GAMING, S.L and,consequently, we assume the commitment to guarantee the User’s privacy at all timesand not to collect unnecessary information. We provide you here all the necessaryinformation about our Privacy Policy in relation to the personal data we collect, makingit clear:

 • Who is responsible for processing your data.

 • For what purposes we collect the data we request.

 • What is the legitimacy for its processing.

 • How long we keep them.

 • To which recipients is your data are communicated.

 • What your rights are.

 1. DATA CONTROLLERPLAYFUL GAMING, S.LMARINA 16-18, 18B (08005). BARCELONA - SPAINsoporte@playfulbet.com Hereinafter, “Playfulbet”, “we” or the “Controller”.


 Personal Data refers to any information or data that can identify you directly orindirectly. Personal Data includes information such as e-mail, zip code, phone number,user names, personal preferences, purchasing habits, and user-generated content,among others. It may also include unique numeric identifiers such as your computer’sIP address, as well as other information we get about you through cookies.

 This privacy policy covers all personal data collected and used by Playfulbet.The user (you) hereby warrants that the Personal Data provided is true and accurateand takes responsibility on notifying about any changes or modifications. Any loss ordamage caused to the Website, to the Controller or to any third-party through thecommunication of erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete information in the registrationforms will be the sole responsibility of the user.We may collect or receive your data through our website, forms or pages on socialmedia, among others. In some cases, you provide us with your Personal Data directly
(for example, when you create an account, or when you contact us or groupcompanies ), or in other cases, we collect it (for example, by using cookies tounderstand the way you use our website).

 3.PURPOSE, LEGITIMATION, AND CONSERVATION of the processing of thedata sent through:

   • SIGNING UP ON THE PLATFORM:When you register on the Platform, you must enter a valid e-mail, select a passwordand choose a user name. You will be able to modify your access e-mail or passwordlater on in your Platform profile. The password will be strictly confidential, personal andnon -transferable. You agree not to divulge your account information or make itaccessible to third parties. You will be solely responsible in case of use of such data
by third parties, including the statements made in the Platform, or any other action

 carried out through the use of the username and/or password.

 You guarantee that all data on your identity and legitimacy provided to Playfulbet in

 their registration forms of the Platform are true, accurate and complete. You also take

 responsibility for keeping your data up to date. In the event that you provide any false,

 inaccurate or incomplete data or if Playfulbet considers that there are reasonable

 grounds to doubt the truthfulness, accuracy, and completeness of them, Playfulbet

 may deny you access and present or future use of the Platform or any of its content

 and/or services.

 - Purposes:

 1. Management of the registration service and signing up to the platform.

 2. Loyalty and quality services.

 3. Offering products and services according to your interests, if you tick the

 acceptance box. The delivery of commercial information may include marketing

 communications, promotions and offers related to electronics, technology,

 video games, betting houses, catering and digital gift cards, among other

 products from our partners.

 At Playfulbet, we use the information derived from your behavior and your use

 of the Platform in an analytical and aggregated manner to carry out

 improvements in the operation of the Platform and provide statistics of

 commercial interest to our licensees.

 • Legitimation: Your express consent. The acceptance of our Terms and


 • Conservation: Until the subscription is canceled and the user demands that they

 are deleted.


 • Purpose: Offering products and services according to your interests, if you

 tick the acceptance box. The delivery of commercial information may include

 marketing communications, promotions and offers related to electronics,

 technology, video games, betting houses, catering and digital gift cards,

 among other products from our partners.

 • Legitimation: The user’s consent when subscribing to our commercial

 mailings and/or newsletters.

 • Conservation: Until the interested party revokes the consent and requests the

 cancellation of the service.

 • SOCIAL LOGIN:The Playfulbet.com platform also allows registration by synchronizing services with thirdparties (that means, logging-in with Facebook and Twitter accounts). If you follow a link toany of these websites, please note that you share your social profile information with us.Shared personal data depends on your social media platform settings. Visit the social mediaplatform in question and read thoroughly its privacy policy to understand how your personaldata is shared and used in this context.

 • Purpose: To respond to your requests for information, other petitions, and

 answer questions and inquiries.

 • Legitimation: The user’s consent when requesting information from us via e-


 • Conservation: Once your request is answered by e-mail if it has not generated

 a new processing.


 • Purpose: To be able to redeem the Coins obtained by the user in exchange

 for one or several prizes, as well as to send the requested prize to the

 informed postal address.

 • Legitimation: The user’s consent when he/she requests that the prize be sent

 to the postal address indicated in the form.

 • Conservation: Once the corresponding prize has been sent, if it has not

 generated a new processing.Your duty to provide us with your personal data and the consequences of not doing so:The provision of personal data requires a minimum age of 14 years, or whereappropriate, to have sufficient legal capacity to hire a service.The personal data requested are necessary to process your requests and/orprovide you with the services you may hire, so if you do not make them available tous, we will not be able to attend to you correctly or provide you with the service youhave requested.

 In any case, we reserve the right to decide whether or not to include your personaldata and other information in our databases.

 4. RECIPIENTS OF YOUR DATAYour personal data may be communicated to:

 • Third parties to deliver the prize, such as postal, logistics, courier or delivery


 • Third parties that help us provide IT services, such as platform providers,

 hosting services, maintenance and support in our databases, as well as in our

 software and applications that may contain data about you.

 • Third parties that help us provide digital services, loyalty programs, identity

 management, ratings and reviews, CRM, web analytics and search engines.

 • Advertising, marketing, digital media and social media agencies to help us

 deliver advertising, marketing and other campaigns, to analyze their

 effectiveness and to manage your inquiries and questions.
• In order to keep the efficiency of our service, your data may occasionally be

 communicated to service providers that may be located in the United States

 of America or other countries or territories outside the European Economic

 Area. However, we will ensure that any communication of your personal

 information, whether made by us or those third parties whom with we share

 your personal information, complies with applicable law.


 Any person can withdraw their consent at any time when it has been given for theprocessing of their data. In no case, the withdrawal of this consent conditions theexecution of the subscription contract or the relations generated previously.You may also exercise the following rights:

 • Request access to or rectification of your personal data when they are inaccurate.

 • Request its deletion when, among other reasons, the data are no longer

 necessary for the purposes for which they were collected.

 • Request the limitation of its processing in certain circumstances.

 • Request opposition to the processing of your data for reasons related to your

 particular situation.

 • Request the portability of data in the cases provided for in the regulations.

 • Other rights recognized in the applicable regulations.

 Where and how to request your Rights: By means of a letter addressed to the

 person in charge at their postal or electronic address (indicated in point 1),

 indicating the subject “Personal Data”, and specifying the right you wish to

 exercise and with respect to which personal data.

 In the event of a dispute with the company regarding the processing of your

 data, you may lodge a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency


 6. SAFETY OF YOUR PERSONAL DATAWith the aim of keeping your personal data safe, we inform you that we have taken alltechnical and organizational measures necessary to keep the supplied personal data safefrom its alteration, loss and unauthorized access or processing.

 7. UPDATING YOUR DATAIt is important that in order for us to keep your personal data up to date, youinform us whenever there has been any change in them; otherwise, we are notresponsible for their veracity.

 We are not responsible for the privacy policy regarding the personal data youmay provide to third parties through the links available on our website.

 8. CONTACTIf you have any questions or concerns about how we treat and use your personaldata or wish to exercise any of the rights described above, please contact