Specific conditions for the Prizes on Playfulbet

Specific conditions for the prizes

 In the present document, the information related to getting prizes through theWeb is put at our User’s disposal.

 1. Procedure for getting Prizes

 1.1. Once the User has gathered enough Coins, he/she may redeem them for anyof the products available through the Platform Prizes (hereinafter, the “Prizes”). Inorder to do this, he/she must send us a redemption request through the procedureset out in the Platform.

 1.2. Once Playfulbet receives a redemption request it will carry out thefollowing verification process beforehand:

 (i) Playfulbet carries out an exhaustive check on the User’s activity records inorder to avoid possible fraudulent uses (such as IP changes, Multi-accounts,use of scripts or automatisms to get Coins, VPN...).

 (ii)Playfulbet verifies with its affiliated partners the correct use of special offersto avoid possible fraudulent uses.

 (iii) Playfulbet may require the User to provide documentation accrediting his/her


 (iv) Playfulbet will verify that the delivery address is within the EuropeanUnion, United States or Mexico; the only countries in which Playfulbet willsend physical prizes.

 1.3. Once Playfulbet has been able to verify all the activity and the identity ofthe User in question, a process that may take up to thirty (30) days, it willprocess the delivery of the product requested by the User to be received in 24to 72 hours.
If once the prize is approved and after the estimated delivery time the User hasnot received the prize, he/she should contact Playfulbet through the contactform or through soporte@playfulbet.com so Playfulbet can verify if there hasbeen an incident during the process and then amend it.

 2. Conditions

 2.1. The Coins may only be redeemed for the Prizes that appear on thePlayfulbet website, in accordance with the specific conditions of each gift, asthey appear on the website at all times. The User may request a gift when hehas acquired a number of Coins in such a way as to allow him to opt for one ofthe Prizes made available to Playfulbet through its website.

 2.2. At the time of redemption of any of the prizes, the User’s account will bereset from the initial 4,000 Coins. There will be no refunds of prizes, nor will itbe possible to request a redemption other than the one previously requested.

 2.3. In principle, any User over 14 years of age can redeem Coins for ourPlatform Prizes. However, the redemption of some products and services onthe prizes section may be subject to being of legal age, a circumstance thatwill be indicated to the User prior to the election of the Prize by the User.

 2.4. A maximum of 15 million Coins may be redeemed in Prizes per calendarmonth. In case of accumulating more Coins, they will be reset. If more thanone prize is redeemed per month, the Coins will be returned and the ordercancelled. Only one account is counted per person, which invalidates theduplicate or family association of accounts.

 2.5. In case of clear indications of fraud, Playfulbet reserves the right to block allaccounts thus eliminating all orders requested.

 2.6. The User will lose the right to obtain the Prize or Prizes through the Web inthe event that it fails to comply with any of the rules or conditions governing the
use of the Web.

 2.7. Likewise, the User will lose the right to the Prize or Prizes when he hasbeen requested by Playfulbet to provide a copy of his ID or identity documentand has not provided it within 15 days from the said request.

 2.8. Playfulbet reserves the right to refuse a prize due to any action that itconsiders illegal or that does not conform to the established game rules.

 2.9. Coupons are unique, they can only be redeemed once per user.

 3. Shipping and Charges

 3.1. Once the User has requested the Prize through the Platform and in thecase of a physical prize, the User must fill in a specific form with the address inwhich he/she wants to receive the Prize. The User is responsible for providing acorrect address and for receiving the gift at the same address. If delivery is notpossible due to causes not attributable to Playfulbet, and regardless of whetherthe gift is returned to Playfulbet’s address, Playfulbet shall not be obliged tosend it back, nor to reimburse the Coins balance as a consequence of theredemption, which shall be understood to have taken place for all purposes.

 3.2. The delivery time of any of the prizes available in Playfulbet can bedelayed up to 7 days after being sent.

 3.3. Shipping costs are free of charge. However, the User is responsible,expressly exonerating Playfulbet, of any charge, procedure, tax, rate orobligation imposed by any competent authority or applicable law, as a resultof sending the prize to the country or place of destination.

 4. Modifications

 Playfulbet reserves the right to modify at any time the initial balance of Coins,their functioning, the list of prizes, and the number of Coins necessary to obtain
them, as well as the form of delivery of the prizes. The balance of Coins held bythe User is extinguished and canceled in the event of non-compliance with anyof these terms or in the event that the User requests to be removed from theWebsite.

 5. Availability of the Prizes

 Playfulbet states that all products and services in the awards section of itsPlatform are made available through third-party suppliers. Therefore, theredemption of Coins for the prizes indicated is limited to the availability of saidprizes by the third party suppliers of the same, so that Playfulbet is notresponsible for the impossibility of redeeming Coins for a certain prize thatappears in the prizes section of the platform as a consequence of itsunavailability. The User shall also not be entitled to any kind of compensation.However, Playfulbet will try to replace, to the extent of existing possibilities,those products or services that are not available by others with similarconditions, characteristics and cost for Playfulbet.