Promotion Conditions

Conditions for participating in special offers

 1.Users may increase their Coins by taking part in special offers from bettinghouses affiliated to Playfulbet. However, in order to participate in thesespecial offers, the following conditions must be met:

   • Be of legal age.

   • You have not previously registered as a user in the betting house affiliated tothe special offer in which you wish to participate.

   • Make sure that registration with the affiliated betting house is completedusing the link offered by Playfulbet for each specific promotion.

   • Verify that the computer or equipment used by the User to access thespecial offer has not previously installed affiliation cookies from the samebetting house, which may subsequently make it difficult to discern the cookiesfrom the Playfulbet platform of other platforms.

   • Not having enabled any type of ad blocker (e.g. Adblock) that hinders thetraceability of cookies between the betting house affiliated to the promotionand the Playfulbet platform.
  • Comply with all steps and requirements of the special offer (e.g. deposit orminimum bet).

 2. The User is solely responsible for ensuring that each and every one of theabove requirements are met. In the event that the User fails to comply withany of the above requirements, Playfulbet will consider that the conditions ofthe special offer are not met and therefore will not offer the User any kind ofbenefit or reward.