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 The following document provides the required information regarding the owner of thewebsite, as well as the access conditions, registration and use. Please be advised thatthe use of this website and contracting therein is governed, in addition to the Termsand Conditions herein, by the following documents:

   • Sweepstakes conditions

   • Promotional participation conditions

   • Purchase conditions

   • Privacy Policy

   • Cookies policy

   • Rules

 We urge Users to carefully read the aforementioned legal texts, in addition to theTerms and Conditions herein, as they contain the complete information that Usersshould know concerning their rights and obligations. Playfulbet has set forth thefollowing email: soporte@playfulbet.com so that Users can communication anyquestions they may have regarding this document.

 1. Legal information

 In compliance with article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11th, on Information SocietyServices and Electronic Commerce, we have set the following information identifyingthe service provider of Playfulbet.com (referred hereinafter as, the Website):

   • Corporate name: Playful Gaming, S.L.

   • Registered Office: Marina 16 – 18, 18B (08005). Barcelona - Spain

   • Email: support@playfulbet.com

   • Commercial Registry information: Commercial Registry of Barcelona,Volume 43332, Folio 135, Page number 425407, 1st registration

   • Tax identification number: NIF B-65860025
2. Object of the Website

 2.1. Playfulbet is a Website that offers Users the possibility of conducting projections

 (referred hereinafter as the "Bids") on the outcome of future sporting events, byallowing Users to obtain Coins which they may, per the terms provided set forth in thisdocument, redeem for prizes and vouchers at the Playfulbet store.

 2.2. Playfulbet also provides Users with an online sales channel for gift products, suchas collectible figures, toys, and textile items. Users can reference the contractingconditions through the aforementioned channel in paragraph 15 of this document.

 3. Nature of the Website

 3.1. All bids on the Website are conducted via a virtual proprietary currency (Coins)which can be obtained for free through various Website activities, generally of anadvertising nature. Therefore, under no case can one risk amounts of money or othereconomically assessable objects on uncertain future results for attaining a prize or gift,since one cannot conduct deposits with real money. Hence, the events provided for inArticle 3 of Law 13/2011, of May 27th, regulating gambling with respect to the definitionof gambling activity is not applicable.

 3.2. Consequently, the activity carried out on the Website is outside the scope of theregulations contained in Law 13/2011, of May 27th, regarding gambling regulation,which does not require the granting of a license.

 4. Access and Registration

 4.1. Legal age
4.1.1 Playfulbet Users must be at least 18 years old and complete the required fields ofthe registration form, which requests information of a personal nature. If you are under

 18 years old, you cannot access, participate or win in Playfulbet.

 4.1.2. If the information provided by Users is not true, Playfulbet will not be held liableas it cannot verify the age of its Users. Without prejudice to the aforementioned,Playfulbet will conduct random checks to detect Users of the Website who are under 18years old, and will employ its maximum diligence to cancel the account.

 4.1.3. Playfulbet may contact any User to demonstrate his or her age by providing acopy of their ID or to require proof of the consent of legal representatives. Playfulbetreserves the right to cancel the user account of any User who refuses to provide his orher identity document or, if deemed appropriate, to prove the consent of their legalrepresentatives.

 4.1.4. Only adults or emancipated users may conduct purchases through the Store ofthe Website.

 4.2. Creating a user account

 4.2.1. The Registration and creation of a user account on the Website is free. The Usermay register by providing, among other information, an e-mail address or a Facebookor Twitter account. If you choose to register to the Website via a social network, theUser authorizes Playfulbet to access and use certain information from the socialnetwork account depending on the privacy settings.

 4.2.2. Playfulbet will provide each user with a User name which will match the emailaddress used by the user to register, and a password. The User name and passwordare strictly personal and confidential. The User undertakes to not disclose them ormake them accessible to third parties. The User will be solely liable if the information isused by third parties, or any other action takes place if the User name and password isused.
4.2.3. The User may unsubscribe from Playfulbet by contactingsoporte@playfulbet.com, and expressing his or her intent to cancel the account.

 4.3. Users' Responsibility

 4.3.1. By opening an account, the User accepts all liability that may arise from anyactivity under his user name and password. The User will be fully responsible formaintaining the confidentiality of the assigned password during the registrationprocess. The User may not share it with others or conduct activities that may diminishor undermine the security of the account.

 4.3.2. A User can only hold one account, and Playfulbet therefore reserves the right toprevent the User from using the Website if the User violates this prohibition.

 5. Coins

 5.1. By simply registering with Playfulbet, the User will receive a number of free pointsin their account (referred hereinafter as, "Coins"), which will allow the User to startplaying. When the User uses his Coins in a game, the Coins will be deductedaccordingly. If the user wins, the user will recover the Coins in addition to the newCoins according to the chosen quota. The quota refers to the value by which the usedCoins are multiplied if chosen correctly. Upon accumulating Coins, the User maychoose one of the prizes indicated in the Website.

 5.2. The Coins may only be used on Playfulbet in accordance with the Terms hereinand for entertainment purposes. The Coins have a an exclusively promotional nature,and in no case will be exchangeable for money. They have no monetary value andcannot be bought or sold. In addition, they do not represent a transferable security, nora right of credit or any right that allows their exchange for money or any patrimonialelement other than the prizes indicated in the Website. The Coins do not expire, andare personal and non-transferable. The User may not assign, transfer, transmit orcharge in any way his or her Coins, whether free of charge or onerous, totally or
particularly, by direct or indirect means. In no case may the Coins be transferredbetween accounts, even if the User is the holder of both.

 5.3. Playfulbet reserves the right to modify the balance of Coins, cancel a requestedprize or block the user's account if there are indications of improper use and/or illicitconduct to obtain Coins or prizes through second accounts for the benefit of a principal.Any use of the Website or the Coins contrary to any of these Terms, or to that specifiedin the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) will be considered an Improper Use and,consequently, will represent a breach of contract by the User.

 5.4 In these cases, Playfulbet reserves the right to delete, cancel, withdraw,discontinue

 or temporarily block, without prior notice, the User's Account, and to determinewhether to exchange the Coins. Likewise, in such cases, Playfulbet reserves the rightto refuse and / or cancel any reservation or exchange made on behalf of the User, aswell as to cancel the remaining Coins in your account or those that have been grantedto you.

 6. Betting at Events, Betting communities, and betting games

 6.1. At each Event, the User can project the winner, the loser or whether they tie.Playfulbet will inform the User beforehand and for each event whether Coins havebeen won or lost according to the result of their bet.

 6.2. In each Betting community, the User can project the winner of multiple events. TheUser may select 1 for the local team, x for the tie or 2 for the visitor. Playfulbet willinform the User beforehand whether Coins have been won or lost according to theresult of their betting community.

 6.3. In each Betting Game, the User will be able to predict the exact result of an event.Playfulbet will inform the User beforehand whether Coins have been won or lost
according to the correct projected result. The pot will be distributed among all Userswith a bet on the same accurate projection.

 7. Unsubscribing users

 Users may unsubscribe from Playfulbet by sending an email tosoporte@playfulbet.com, indicating their intent to cancel their account. In doing so, thebalance of Coins held by the User will be cancelled one month after the request forcancellation if the User does not inform Playfulbet within this period of his/her wish toexchange the Coins. For more information on the processing of personal data, pleaserefer to the User Privacy Policy.

 8. Account Inactivity

 Playfulbet reserves the right to reset the coins of an account if inactive for over 3months and the User will lose any unredeemed corresponding Coins. In any case, priorto such reset, Playfulbet will contact the User through the correspondingcommunication method and informing of a 15-calendar period to access his/heraccount. Otherwise, Playfulbet will reset the coins.

 9. Playfulbet's Website Operation Liability

 9.1. The User shall be liable for having the necessary services and equipment forInternet browsing and for accessing Playfulbet's website. In the event of any incident ordifficulty in accessing www.playfulbet.com, the User may inform Playfulbet via email tosoporte@playfulbet.com whom will proceed to analyze the incident and provideinstructions to the User on how to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

 9.2. Playfulbet will not be held liable in the event of service interruptions, connectionerrors, lack of availability or deficiencies in the Internet service, nor for any interruptionsin the Internet network or other reason beyond Playfulbet's control.
9.3. Playfulbet provides its services and content on a continuous basis by using alltechnical means at its disposal to carry out such provision in a satisfactory manner.

 9.4. Playfulbet may, when it deems appropriate, perform corrections, improvements ormodifications to the information contained in the Website, services or content withoutbeing entitled to any claim or compensation, nor does it represent any liability.

 9.5 Playfulbet shall not be liable for any damages that may arise from any informationattained by unauthorized third parties and their use available on the Website.

 10. Playfulbet´s Content Liability Available to Users

 10.1. Upon becoming aware that any of its contents, files, information, advertising,opinions, concepts and images hosted on the Website go against the law, morality,good faith and public order or contain any type of virus or similar software, Playfulbetwill remove them accordingly.

 10.2. Playfulbet shall not be held liable any for any damages resulting from the use ofcontent, files, information, advertising, opinions, concepts and images provided byusers to the Website.

 10.3. In any case, Playfulbet shall not ne hold liable for the contents, files, information,advertising, opinions, concepts and images that do not depend on the Website, normanaged by Playfulbet.

 10.4. Playfulbet will not be liable for the misuse of the contents contained on theWebsite. The User of the Website will be the only party hold liable for any use.

 10.5. The User agrees to use the Web and its services in accordance with the Law,morality, and good order.
11. Liability for the contents hosted and available on the websites

 11.1. Playfulbet does not assume any liability regarding the contents of the linkscontained on the Website, the User's access to features and services offered by thirdparties, as long as they are not part of the Website. Therefore, Playfulbet is not liablefor the information contained therein or any effects that might result from suchinformation. If any User or third-party notices that such links may be contrary to law,morality or public order, they must inform us via email to soporte@playfulbet.com

 11.2. Playfulbet assumes no responsibility for the services and contents offered bythird parties.

 11.3. Playfulbet does not assume any liability for the editing, review, censorship andverification of content, files, information, advertising, opinions, concepts and images ofthe pages or websites to which the User accesses through the links included in theWebsite.

 11.4 Playfulbet is not liable for any of the content, files, information, advertising,opinions, concepts and images that are shared, published or distributed directly orindirectly through the Website, or any interconnected website accessed through theWebsite via links, or any of the services that links or are associated to thisinterconnected Website.

 11.5. Similarly, Playfulbet excludes its liability for services, goods or products that maybe purchased or contracted from third parties via this Website, especially in situationswhere the purchase or contracting process is carried out directly on the website of thethird party regardless whether they come in a "frame" with the graphic elements of thewebsite (Branding).

 12. Access Limitation
12.1. Playfulbet may deny access to the Users section of the Website and discontinueprizes, in the event of any doubts or suspicious User, in regard to the correctness ofthe information provided.

 12.2. Playfulbet reserves the right to exclude, temporarily or permanently, fromparticipating in the Website and discontinue prizes to Users who are under suspicionof using multiple accounts or any other action considered fraudulent or contrary to theTerms and Conditions. Some fraudulent actions include, but are not limited to:

   • Playing with multiple accounts simultaneously.

   • Misuse of promotions or false information to obtain coins.

   • Intentionally changing IPs or VPNs to change country and redeem unsuitable rewardsor illegally obtaining coins through these methods with promotions or other means.

   • Automation of processes through scripts or bots.

 12.3. Playfulbet reserves the right to take all appropriate measure for any breach thatUsers may commit.

 13. Comments on the Chat section

 13.1. Playfulbet offers Users the possibility of writing comments in the chat rooms. TheUser identified as the author shall be solely responsible for its content and thecomments from Users do not reflect Playfulbet's opinion.

 13.2. Playfulbet will not be held liable for any errors, inaccuracies or irregularities thatmay be contained in the User's comments, as well as for any damages that may becaused by the User's comments. In any case, the Users when using the chat sectionwill have to respect the code of conduct of the website, set forth in the followingparagraph.
13.3. Shall the User becomes aware of any violation described herein or others thatcould affect property, rights or protectable interests, should immediately contactPlayfulbet via soporte@playfulbt.com indicating the alleged violation. Playfulbet, uponreceiving the communication, shall use the maximum diligence to resolve the issue. Inany case, Playfulbet reserves the right to eliminate or delete any comment that itconsiders goes against these Legal Conditions, morality or public order.

 14. Code of conduct.

 14.1. The User commits to NOT to carry out the following activities:

   • Pester, intimidate, harass, threaten or insult other users.

   • Impersonate any person, using their personal information, photographs or anyother content through which the user presents themselves as someone they are not.

   • Violate the privacy or the right to data protection of others.

   • Include or upload to the Website content that is harmful to public order or offences orthat pose serious threats or insults, as well as content whose property rights belong toa third party without having authorization for their publication. Likewise, it is prohibitedto upload or include content that threatens children or property specially protected bythe Spanish legal system or any another type of harmful content that encouragesviolence or discrimination, in any form, based on the discernment of Playfulbet.

 14.2. Likewise, the User commits to using the Website in an appropriate andresponsible manner and, therefore, must respect the present conditions, as well as theprevailing legislation. For illustrative purposes, the User agrees to:

   • Not introduce or disseminate content or propaganda of racist, xenophobic orpornographic nature, in defense of terrorism, or that violates human rights.
  • Not introduce or disseminate harmful software on the website that could causedamage tothe computer systems of Playfulbet, its suppliers or the website Users.

   • Not to disseminate, transmit or make available to third parties any type of information,element, or content that constitutes illicit or misleading advertising.

   • Not introduce or disseminate any false, ambiguous or inaccurate information andcontent in a way that misleads the recipients of the information.

   • Not to distribute, transmit or make available to third parties any type of information,element or content that involves a violation of the secrecy of communications and thePersonal data protection legislation.

 14.3. Playfulbet will not be responsible for the information published by the User whilehe or she does not have effective knowledge that said information is unlawful or injuresproperty or rights of third parties. At the time that Playfulbet has effective knowledgethat data such as those referred above exist, it agrees to act with diligence to removethem or make it impossible to access them, and can also eliminate or make the User’saccount inaccessible .

 15. Invitations

 15.1. The User may, through his or her own email, invite other people to join Playfulbet,sending an email to as many people as they wish. This invitation in no case will bemade through the Website. The person who receives the invitation and wishes to bepart of Playfulbet must follow the registration steps listed on the Website.

 15.2. Playfulbet will not process the information received in the invitation, as it will nothave access to the information, especially regarding the email account of the invitedperson.
16. Intellectual property

 16.1. Playfulbet owns intellectual and industrial property rights, or has obtained thecorresponding authorizations or licenses for its use, regarding the Website and itscontents, as well as the rest of the related projects and creations on the Website andthe technology associated with it.

 16.2. The intellectual property rights of the website, as well as: texts, images, graphicdesign, navigation structure, information and contents that are included in it are theproperty of Playfulbet, who has the exclusive exercise of the rights to use them in anyway, especially, reproduction rights, distribution, public communication andtransformation, in accordance with Spanish intellectual and industrial property rightslegislation.

 16.3. The User’s authorization for the access and use of the Website does not includeresignation, transmission, license or total or partial cession of intellectual, property, orindustrial rights of Playfulbet.

 16.4. It is not permitted to suppress, elude or manipulate in any way the contents of thePlayfulbet Website. It is also prohibited to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce,communicate publicly, make secondary or subsequent publications, upload files, sendby mail, transmit, use, process or distribute in any way all or part of the contentincluded in the Playfulbet website for public or commercial purposes, if you do nothave the expressed written authorization of Playfulbet or, where appropriate, the holderof the rights to which it corresponds.

 16.5. The User is solely responsible for the contents included in the Website, affirmingthat he or she has all the consents and authorizations for the publication of the content,releasing Playfulbet from any liability.
16.6. The User grants Playfulbet a free, non-exclusive, universal license, withoutgeographical or time limitation on the contents incorporated through the Website, ofuse for publication, modification, transformation, compilation, public communicationand exploitation, in any form. Likewise, it grants a license in the same terms on theimage rights of those photographs used as a profile image or avatars as well as on therights of the name provided to Playfulbet.

 17. Update and Modification of the Website

 17.1. Playfulbet may modify these Legal Conditions at any time by email or publishingthe modified terms on the Website. All the Modified terms will take effect automaticallyonce published.

 17.2. Playfulbet reserves the right to make, at any time and without the need of priornotice, updates, modifications or deletion of information contained in the Website, inthe configuration and presentation of this and the access conditions, without assumingany responsibility for it. Notwithstanding the above, Playfulbet will take the necessarysteps to communicate modifications to the Users.

 17.3. Playfulbet does not guarantee the absence of interruptions or errors in the accessof the Website or its content, or that it is always updated, however, Playfulbet will carryout, provided there are no causes that make execution impossible or difficult, and assoon as we hear of errors, disconnections, or a need for content updates, all actionsaimed at correcting errors, re-establishing communication and updating the contents.

 18. Governing law and jurisdiction

 The Terms and Conditions herein, as well as the rest of the legal documents thatregulate the Website, are governed by Spanish law. The parties are subject to theresolution of the conflicts in the courts and tribunals of the user's place of residence.Also, as an entity adhered to Confianza Online (Online Trust) and in the terms of its
Code of Ethics, in case of controversies relating to online recruitment and advertising,data protection and protection of details, the user can go to the extrajudicial disputeresolution system of Confianza Online (Online Trust) (www.confianzaonline.es).